Original painting by Vicente Carducho of St Anthony of Padua doing jazz hands.

Where things lost are concerned, there’s an interesting difference between the english and french. In the english speaking world, the place you go if you’ve lost something, or where you hand in something you’ve found, is a lost property office. In the french, the same kind of place is called a bureau d’objets trouvés, an office of things found. The French are slightly more upbeat about losing things then? 


Cuges les Pins, where Nomadic Village will be this year, might have reason to be especially cheery about lost things as it’s the site of an annual pilgrimage for Saint Anthony of Padua - the patron saint people pray to for help in finding things lost - and custodian of an important relic (one of his skulls?).


The term ‘found object’, which describes artworks “created from undisguised, but often modified, objects that are not normally considered art, often because they already have a non-art function”, is a direct translation of the french ‘objet trouvé’.


[The source of the image above was an interesting find in itself]